A Message from the Coordinator of the CPE

Dear Reader,

The Centro de Políticas Estratégicas (CPE) is a department created by the Government of Cape Verde, based in the Executive Office, whose main mission is to improve the country’s performance relative to managing economic policy. It supports all public, private and societal stakeholders in developing medium and long-term strategies for the socio-economic transformation of the country.

The Center itself is a result of one of the recommendations from the First Forum on National Transformation, held in April 2003, through which political and social actors in the country came together to dialogue and strengthen their capacity to manage an accelerated and dynamic transformation of Cabo Verde.

We here at the CPE believe it is fundamental to create a space for reflection on how to involve all of Cabo Verdean society, resident and non-resident, in a joint contribution with proposals, concerns and strategic visions and perspectives for the future of our country.

Thus, the Centro de Politícas Estratégicas invites everyone: the public sector and the private sector, civil society, all citizens of the nation, and the various institutions and segments of the population, to participate in this constructive dialogue, which we launch here. I especially appeal to the participation of students and the members of the Cabo-Verdean academic community resident here and abroad.

What Cabo Verde do we want in 2030? What are the main development areas with the capacity to accelerate the transformation process of Cabo Verde? How can we best position Cabo Verde on the global scale and in our ECOWAS region? How can we reduce the regional disparities across our small archipelago? How can we ensure that there is a stronger participation of our many citizens abroad in securing the transformational development of Cabo Verde?

And the most important question: How can we continue to build a Nation that is Inclusive, Just and Prosperous, and that offers Opportunities for all?

We hope you will join us so that we can include your diverse contributions as we build a shared a common agenda and vision for the future.

Thank you.

Manuel dos Santos Pinheiro

Coordinator, CPE